Saturday, April 28, 2012

Today's posting #2-A Silk Oak Bowl

Hi Again,

It's freezing cold outside today and it's been raining since last night and I'm frozen like a block of ice at the moment so I'll be brief.

I made a bowl out of a block of silk oak that I've had in stock for a couple of weeks. I've never turned this type of wood and if I had I would have remembered it--this is a most unusual looking wood. And to beat all it has a scent that smells like ketchup!

Here we go:

Here are a couple of photos showing the basic block and a faceplate and a 4 jaw chuck. Both of these devices are designed to attach a piece of wood to a lathe. Since the block is very heavy, I'm going to use the faceplate first with some long heavy stainless steel screws to hold the plate on. The next photo shows the faceplate screwed onto the block and the whole thing screwed onto the lathe:

This photo shows the outline of the foot of the bowl and the tenon that I'm going to create to give the 4 jaw chuck something to attach too when I flip over the bowl for hollowing.

These next several photos show the blank being roughed out and in the last photo you can see the finished exterior with a foot and some preliminary sanding. The wood is actually a pink color and you can see the wild grain patterns in the side of the bowl:

These next two photos show the exterior of the bowl with the 4 jaw chuck attached.

These last several photos show the bowl about to be hollowed, the center one shows the bowl off the lathe and you can see the pink coloring.

This last photo show the amazing grain pattern. This piece of wood has what's called a lace pattern because the wood grain is arranged rather  like lace:

This bowl goes in the drying bag for the next 6 weeks, after which we'll re-turn it to a more usable size.

I'm soooo cold at the moment I can hardly speak so I'm signing off for now.

More later,


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