Friday, April 20, 2012

...and Friday morning-the pecan bowl is finished

Hi Everyone,

Burr, it's cold in the work shop today, but as we all know, that never stops me and Selkie Wood Works from cranking out "fine handmade woodwork for your home." Oh well, you can't blame me for trying...

The pecan bowl is finished. I looked at it last night and this morning and I decided that the bottom and the walls needed to be thinned out a bit so that's what I did. I thinned the bottom and the lower part of the walls about 1/4". I think it looks better and it increased the volume of the bowl a little. Here are photographs of the bowl after it's been cut and finished sanded:

I didn't care much for the blank yesterday when I was rough cutting it--it looked rather grey and featureless.  I decided to oil this bowl to see if the oil would bring out some of the faint mineral staining and emphasize what wood grain was visible and I wasn't disappointed:

Oil finishes are a good way to go with many types of wood. It brings out and enhances the color and it seems to "find" and emphasize the grain and any other features in the wood. It is also easily renewable when it wears and it can give a good, solid finish to wood ware. 

I will provide the final finish photos of this bowl in a couple of days when it's done.  We'll make more bowls out of pecan in the future.

As it's cold out, I'm just going to go and clean up the wood shop. We'll work on the silky oak bowl next week as we're going to have to prepare some for this turning.

And I'd just like to add the following: I have a wonderful friend who is getting married tomorrow and I'd just like to wish Robinette, Jim, and her new daughters a wonderful and a very happy life together. Congratulations and God Bless all of you.

Thanks for dropping by the wood shop. See you next week,


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