Friday, April 27, 2012

Cedric the Cat and his new bowl

Hi Everyone,

Well, here's something  I don't do everyday--make a bowl for a cat! Here's the story of Cedric the Cat:

I have a lovely neighbor who has purchased quite a large number of my bowls (in fact she owns or will own more of my work than anyone else) and she is the owner of a very special cat named Cedric. Apparently he was living inside of a local Target store and was discovered one day when he was found by store employees tearing into a bag of dog food. He was taken home by one of the employees, who after a time found that they couldn't keep the cat and so the cat was given to one of the daughters of my neighbor, who in turn gave her the cat.

As a way of saying thank you to my neighbor for all the bowls she's purchased, and because I suspect the cat takes as much care of her as she takes care of him, I decided to make Cedric a bowl. Here we go:

I laminated a small block of wood out of some scrap hickory and black walnut and cut it into a circle:

I then put it on the lathe and gave it a very fancy shape. I think Cedric will like this:

I gave it a good sanding and flipped it over and hollowed it out:

These next two photos show Cedric's bowl from the top and the side:

And here it is with a preliminary coat of salad bowl varnish:

This will need to have several more coats of varnish so it will be easy to keep clean. I'll post finish photos in a couple of days.

As we're do to get snow tonight and early tomorrow along with rain and wind, I'm going to close down for now and come back tomorrow and we'll work on the tea box some more.

Have a lovely rest of the day,


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