Monday, April 2, 2012

Project Update and New Project-platters

Hi Everyone,
Well, it was a lovely day today--there are birds chirping like crazy and the squirrels are running all over the place. I took advantage and went down to the wood shop and did a little work this afternoon:

I had a large piece of Phillipine mahogany left over from some other projects and decided to turn it into a platter and it came out really well:

It's a large shallow serving platter. It needs more sanding so that's on tap for later today or tomorrow.

I also hollowed out the large hickory bowl:

This is going to be a large bowl when it's done. It has a lovely deep pink color and there is some spalting on the wood as well. This goes into the drying bag shortly.

And last of all, I have the mother of all wood chip piles in my shop at the moment:

I wonder how high this will get before it falls over?

Time to stop and make dinner (I wish someone would make me dinner) and get cleaned up. I'm beginning to look like the wood chip pile!

More later,


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