Sunday, April 29, 2012

Black walnut tea box finished-photos

Hi Everyone,

Well, the glue has dried and it's time to finish the tea box so here we go:

Here is a photo of the assembled pieces and the whole thing is ready for turning. I'm going to copy the box lid next to it-you may remember that this is the box lid for the tea box I made my husband.

The first thing I do is mount the blank on the lathe by clamping the knob portion of the blank in the 4 jaw chuck. then I flatten the sides and bottom and last cut a lip for the box and the tenon for the chuck so when I flip it over in a bit, the jaws of the 4 jaw chuck will fit into that recess:

Here it the lid with the underside completed:

These next several photos show the lid having been flipped over and the knob rounded off.

Here is a more intermediate step and you can see how the lid is taking shape:

And about an hour of shaping and sanding later, the lid is completed. Here is a photograph of the sanding box with lid:

And here are two photos of the box and lid with preliminary coats of oil:

The box will take several more coats of oil and then it will be put back on the lathe and polished and then sent out to my friend.  I don't know about you but I think it's time we stick a fork in and call it done!

Well that wraps up the weekend. Later this week I'm going to glue some more laminated blocks if the weather stays warm enough and I'll also begin turning the big red laminated bowl blank I made several weeks ago.

Thanks for spending the weekend with me in the wood shop and as always, there's always another wood working adventure just over the horizon....

See you soon,

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