Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rainy Thursday afternoon-cold feels better...

Hi Everyone,
Well, I was bored stiff after staying inside with a cold and on top of that I persuaded myself that the camphor wood shavings from last week would be good for me so I decided to go down to the wood shop and make a bowl.

I decided to work on the pecan wood blank I got earlier this week and it was a surprise in that it wasn't unseasoned. This wood was a dry as a bone and so I got down to business. Here are a few photos:

Pecan is a member of the same family of trees as hickory and it grows in the south like hickory does. It's the state tree of Texas. I really thought this was going to be more colorful than it is but it's actually a beige-grey wood. It has some spalting lines in it but not much else visually is going for it. It did turn well, however.

It still needs sanding on the inside. The outside sanded really well and is nice and smooth. As it's getting dark out I'm not going to be able to get clearer photos until tomorrow.

It's been cool and rainy today. Here is a shot of some nearby trees:

Spring has really hit the Twin Cities and everything is beginning to bloom. Right in the center of the photo is a paper birch and on each side are choke cherry trees.

I'll send more photos tomorrow after I've finished sanding the inside of the bowl.

More later,

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