Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hello Everyone! Making a Bed

Hi Everyone,

Well I'm back after a long absence. I've had a very very busy year and my life is finally beginning to slow down. So I'm back in the shop building stuff.

Today I'm building a bed frame for a young friend who doesn't have one. This is a very simple bed that I found on Anna White's web page called the "Emmett Bed." This bed is made out of construction lumber and is fairly easy to make.

Since her plans are free and available online on the above link, I won't review the cutting list. It only cost about $70 for the lumber and supplies.


Here is some of the lumber I purchased. I was measuring and cutting when I took this photo:

Here are all the cut parts-I cut these parts according to the cut list:

These are the 1/2" thick plywood panels for the foot and head board:

And this is the color I stained the parts. I always stain furniture parts before assembly. It's easier and it looks better. And it's one less thing to do at the end of the project:

And here are all the parts drying out in the shop:

Ok, as it's really really hot outside, I'm quitting for the day. I still have to stain the plywood panels and for that I'll need to purchase more stain. Tomorrow I'll assemble the frame and I'll show you how I did that.

Until then,