Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lid for the tea box and a couple of trays

Hi Everyone,

Well the weather has certainly improved over yesterday and it's warmer. And I remembered I do have a piece of red colored wood so we can move forward and make a lid for the tea box. Let's go down to the wood shop and take a look:

I had a large piece of tiger wood in stock that had gotten shoved underneath a pile of hickory and so I pulled it out and cut off a portion large enough to cut a lid out of . I also had a smaller piece of Brazilian cherry suitable for a knob so I've marked them for cutting:

I've cut the lid into a circle and cut a small block for the know and left that square.  The knob serves two purposes: it provides an attachment point for the lid while it's being turned and it also provides a handle to pick up the lid. Since the whole lid-knob thing will be subjected to a lot of physical stress while turning, this whole thing has to be securely put together. So I've drilled holes in the knob and the lid and inserted a wood screw inside and then screwed and glued them together with superglue and clamped the whole thing together for an hour:

We'll come back to this shortly for turning. While the glue hardens I decided to finish a couple of trays out of black ash and hickory and here they are:

This is hickory:

This is black ash:

These will make really nice trays.

Ok, I'm going to finish a cup of coffee and go back to the wood shop and take a look at the tea box lid.

See you in my posting.


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