Friday, March 23, 2012

Tea box lid photos and the walnut-hickory bowl continued

Hi Everyone,

As I mentioned in my previous posting, the lid I made yesterday for the tea box broke-the knob came off just as I was about to turn it on the lathe. So I made another one. This lid has the knob attached with wood glue and a metal screw:

This is the 1st lid that broke:

This is the replacement lid with the screw inside of the base and knob:

I'm going to let the glue dry over night and tomorrow morning, I'll continue on with this project.

Now we'll turn our attention back to the walnut-hickory bowl from last evening.

The end grain on the bowl was raised a bit from turning and so I needed to smooth down the surface. You can accomplish this by sanding (yuk) or by very gently scraping the surface with a very sharp chisel while the bowl is turning on the lathe (yea!). This will scrape off very fine wood shavings and you can see them on my hand below:

This resulted in a very smooth surface that required minimal sanding:

Here is a photo of the bowl off of the lathe. Not bad. Time to flip it over and hollow it out.

Here is a beginning photo of the bowl on the lathe. Given that it's heavy, I'm going to turn it between centers for safety's sake:

This photo shows the bowl after about 10 minutes of turning. I've cut threw the walnut layer and into the hickory layer below it. It looks like a giant bowl of ice cream with chocolate on top and vanilla on the bottom!

Here is the bowl with the center section removed and about 1 1/2 inches deep. I'm going to stop now and clean up the shop. After a week of turning I'm up to my knees in wood shavings.

I'm going to give my hands a rest for the rest of the day so I'll see you tomorrow. Have a great evening.


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