Saturday, March 31, 2012

Siwek Lumber--wow!

Hi Everyone,

Well, I went out to a new lumber yard, Siwek Lumber, located in the Arts District in Minneapolis. What a find this was. They have an amazing variety of lumber and lumber products as well as all sorts of hardware, tools, and finishing products. They also have an amazing variety of softwoods-pine, cedar of every imaginable size, and douglas fir. I haven't seen douglas fir in years as here in the midwest it tends to wind up in doors, window frames, flooring, etc. You don't see a lot of lumber for sale. I was really happy to see so much fir lumber as I grew up with it as a kid--it was like almost seeing an old friend after many years absence.

I've been wanting to do some work in soft woods, particularly yellow pine and douglas fir due to their pronounced grain patters. The douglas fir I found was kiln dried, straight grained, and over all very sound.-in short prefect for turning so I bought several cut off pieces and brought them home to make platters out of .

They have a ton of hardwoods for sale, including wide widths, and large thickness. They also have some of the lesser known hardwoods like hackberry, sycamore, all sorts of maple, mahogany, you name it. And surprise, they had a big stack of Brazilian cherry, one of my favorites.

The staff is very friendly and helpful. And they have a big dog who is really nice and that sealed the deal. I will be making my way back there!!


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