Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nut bowl continued, interior photos and assessment

Hi, I'm back from lunch,

Well I took several photographs of the interior work but they don't seem to be in my camera. Not sure what happened to them. The last to photos did work and here they are:

The interior work went a lot faster than the exterior sections of the bowl and this completed the turning of the bowl. It's going to need finish sanding now and that should take several work sessions over the next couple of days. But all in all I'm happy with the way it turned out.

Here is a photo of it on my coffee table:

The next time I will make it a little deeper and convention or not, I'm going to turn a foot on the bottom-it makes the bowl look a little less bottom heavy. But this is a nice piece of work and it will work for its intended function- and that folks is what craft is all about.

I'll post the finish photos later this weekend.

Our next project involves making a fruit bowl that will be fan shaped and have very thin walls. This will present  a new technical challenge for me and the wood shop, and I'll let you know when that project begins.

As always, thanks for dropping by the wood shop. See you soon,


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