Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nut Bowl-discussion, plans, and photos

Hi Everyone,
I decided to get started a little early on the nut bowl so I went down to the wood shop and did some preliminary turning. Here's what I did:

You'll remember a week or so ago I made a laminated turning block out of some of the hickory, black walnut and Brazilian Cherry that I had in stock:

This is a photo of the laminated block after its been glued. I marked off the center and rough cut it with the bandsaw and placed it on the lathe using the 6" faceplate as this is a heavy block of wood.

Nut bowls usually have a flat bottom with no foot and I'm not sure why that is but I decided to stick with convention and not turn a foot on this bowl. I prefer a foot as it gives a bowl a more finished look but I'll go with the flat bottom for now.

The sides and bottom of the block were very rough and it has taken about 2 hours of turning to get it to this point:

The upper edge is still very rough and it needs to be turned very carefully or large chunks of wood could break off. I am going to leave that until tomorrow when I turn the block over and begin hollowing it out.

I'm really tired and  very hungry at this point so I'm going to stop and come back to this tomorrow. We'll hollow out the bowl to accommodate both solid nuts and their shells.

Have a good evening,


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