Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sore foot but better day in the wood shop

Hi Everyone,
Well, after I dropped the pipe clamp on my foot, I really thought I had broken it  -my foot, not the clamp. But happy news--it's in one piece so it's down to the wood shop we go.

Blue House rosewood bowl:

After looking at it over night and once again this afternoon, I decided that the outside of the bowl was finished and it was time to flip it over and hollow it out some. Here's the photos:

The wood turned perfectly. It has a very sweet smell, like honey and the wood shavings are actually a lovely reddish brown color.

Here are the last two photos of the bowl off the lathe. If you look carefully you can see some amazing colors in the next photograph.

As this is unseasoned wood, it goes in a drying bag for the next month. We'll look at it again in late June and at that time, we'll do more shaping.

Like many woodworkers I have collected a lot of scrap wood that I have to admit I have no earthly use for so I've decided to make trivets out of them and that's what I did with the rest of my afternoon:

I think they look like jelly rolls-only don't bit into one of these!

I need to do some serious cleanup in the wood shop so that's probably what I'll do tomorrow.

See you then,

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