Friday, May 4, 2012

Cutting boards pt 3-disaster, rescue, and finish photos

Oh, what a long and dusty day today.

Well, the laminated cutting board, from the mis-glued blank, seems to have been bedeviled by wood zombies. I put the faceplate on it and put it back on the lathe and began smoothing and flattening the bottom when all of a sudden BOOM! It came off the faceplate, hit a wall, got a divot, and that as we say is that.

After I finished ducking out of the way I looked at it and determined that it was salvageable so I got out my orbital sander and sanded the bottom flat and decided to stop working on it. There is another larger crack on the bottom so it's not going back on the lathe. But it is perfectly serviceable as a cutting board so I oiled and it's in my kitchen awaiting another coat of oil.  Here are the finish photos:

And here is the laminated board and the solid slab board side by side:

I'm bushed. For my next project I think I'll make a salt and pepper shaker out of white pine this evening and work on the hickory-black walnut chip and dip bowl next week.

See you later,


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