Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rosewood Bowl-discussion and plans and a good reason why I don't make square stuff....

Hi Everyone,

Well, I went down to the wood shop today to start the rosewood bowl and to make a book stand for myself and my family. The bowl came out ok and the book stand is a mess and I've dropped a clamp on my foot.

...sigh, here we go...

Indian rosewood is a hardwood that grows in tropical climates and it also grows in the US in Florida. The turning blank for this bowl came from Florida and is a really rich shade of reddish brown.

I started turning the outside of the bowl and this part of the turning went well:

I wanted to make this particular bowl with more of a fan-shaped profile and I'm quite there yet so I'm going to leave the faceplate on and turn it more tomorrow.

The past several days I've had the bright idea to make a book stand to hold books, e-readers at an angle so I wouldn't have to hold them with my hands, as they usually hurt quite a bit after a long day in the shop.  And I made a complete mess of the whole thing:

And then to top the whole thing off, just as I was about to walk out of the shop, one of my pipe clamps fell right on the middle of my right foot. It dropped out of it's rack and does that ever hurt!

I'm hot, tired, and limping all over the place. 

Oh well, I'll try it again tomorrow.


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