Monday, May 21, 2012

Project Updates and the next Big Project

Hi Everyone,

Well today was a very good day in the wood shop as a number of projects are coming to completion. Here they are:

Here is the laminated platter out of hickory and black walnut. This came out perfect. It only needs one more coat of oil and then it gets wrapped up for a present.

This was the super hard bowl out of kempas, hickory, rosewood, and cumaru wood. It too has finished well. I wish I could have hollowed it out more but my hands just gave out. But it will make a lovely salad bowl or fruit bowl nonetheless.

This is the monkey puzzle wood bowl and the second half of a set of monkey puzzle bowls. These will be sold together.

Here is the first of a series of white pine cutting boards. This will make a good hobby board and yes, you can use it for cutting up food in the kitchen.

Here is the first of several projects out of camphor wood. This is one of the serving trays I made. Here it is sanded and before I put some salad bowl varnish on it:

And tomorrow is the big day--we begin working on the rosewood bowl for the Blue House raffle this fall. The blank is mounted on the lathe and it's ready to roll. This will be my first rosewood bowl.

Well, that's it for today. Come back tomorrow and I'll take you step by step through the rosewood bowl.

As always, thanks for dropping by the wood shop!

See you soon,

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