Thursday, May 31, 2012

Salt cellars

Hi Everyone,
Well, in spite of an impending cold, I went downstairs and did a little work today.  First I worked on some salt cellars for the Blue House sale this coming December. I worked on the bottom part of the cellar:

From left to right they are beech, sweet gum, cherry, and walnut. I have assorted pieces of wood for the tops and I'll get to those probably tomorrow.

And here is the first of the two camphor trays:

And even with the finish on it, you can still smell the camphor scent. It's actually a very nice tray.

Tomorrow, if my cold lets up, I'll go down and make the tops to the cellars. We'll also talk about the other camphor tray because there is a problem with it but it can be fixed and we'll talk about the fix.

Thanks for dropping by the wood shop.

See you tomorrow,

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