Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rotten Day Saved by Wonderful Husband!

Well, I've scraped away dinner and was wondering what to do next, when my wonderful husband volunteered to save the day so he got in the car and disappeared for about 20 minutes, came back with several bags from Kowalski's and told me to stay in the living room, which I did.

After  a minute or two, he came out with dinner! Notice I have all but swallowed the stick along with the corn dog...

And something to wash it down with:

My husband isn't a drinker and neither am I for that matter, but he managed to crank out a margarita for me. He also bought a bottle of Riesling and I'm tasting this as well.

I am beginning to feel much better.

Oh well, I'll make a cutting board out of the mis-glued turning blank. There's always another day in the wood shop and more wood to turn.

See you tomorrow,


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