Monday, May 28, 2012

Odd stuff in the wood shop

Hi Everyone,

Happy Memorial Day for those of you in the US.

As I got left out of all the Memorial day plans and activities (ahem) I decided to go down to the work shop and catch up on a couple of projects and to experiment a little.

Salt cellars

I have the method for making lots of salt cellars and I'm going to begin making lots of them for sale. Here are examples of the first batch:

These are walnut, sassafras, beech, and sweet gum. The block is coffee wood. I'm going to be making these out of different types of wood for the box portion and probably hickory for the tops. Stay tuned for more on the salt cellars.

Then I decided to work on the salt and pepper shakers and so I took a pair of basswood blanks and turned one of them. It looks like a hand grenade:

I guess we'll have to keep working on the design.

Next is the latest iteration of the coffee scoop. I've tried 4 different ways of making a scoop and this is number 5. Obviously none of them have worked out (one came out looking like a pipe). I don't think this will hold coffee:

All of the smaller items I've been working on either haven't worked at all or work but look really weird.  I think I'm going to drop the coffee scoop idea all together and I'm going to work on the salt and pepper shakers later on in the year.

I think sometimes you can work a bit too much--time to take some time off.

More later,

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