Thursday, May 3, 2012

Finished project photos

Hi Everyone,

Time for some finished project photos. First the hickory tray:

This is a tray out of some of the hickory I got for Christmas last year. It turned really well and finished well too. The grain is really visible on this.

The second project is the tea box:

This was made out of black walnut, mahogany, and goncalo alves, a Brazilian wood. This really came out nice and is a birthday gift for a dear friend who turns-GASP! 40 this year!! 

The one thing that is not going so well is the wedding present bowl. The finish is still giving me problems. I'm going to try and buff it on the lathe tomorrow and see how that affects the finish. Sigh...

Anyway, it's gotten hot here-it's nigh on to 80 degrees at the moment! Almost feels like northeast Texas...ok, nothing feels like northeast Texas. But this is close!

More in adventures tomorrow in the work shop so stay tuned.


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