Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Porringer, continued

Good Afternoon,

I've had a really busy day today and between everything, I decided to go down to the wood shop and carve out the handles on the porringer and unwind a bit.

Here are the photos:

I went down and placed the porringer in my wood vice and carved away the waste wood between the handles. Normally soft maple isn't hard to carve but this particular piece of wood was harder than usual and it took me a while to carve the handles. You can see how they stand out from the bowl:

The inside of the bowl:

And this is the foot. I'm debating whether or not to turn off the foot and or to leave it on. Leaving it on will make it more stable on a table (yes, we do have tables!):

I'm probably going to give it a thin coat of salad bowl varnish as this tends to make cleaning and maintaining a bowl a lot easier.

The next porringer I make will be from a larger block of wood and so will have deeper handles than this one does and I'll post photos of that process.

Have a good rest of the evening,

VW-PS: I caved in and oiled it with flax seed oil:

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