Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sharing Wood Turning, continued

Good Evening All,

Well, I had a terrific evening with my nephew in the wood shop hollowing out the oatmeal bowl.

Here's the photos:

In my previous posting I turned the outside of the bowl. In this photo you see Michael hollowing out the bowl with a 3/8" Sorby bowl gouge. He hollowed out about 80% of the bowl with me helping to establish the inner curvature of the bowl and the depth of the turn.

This is the bowl about an hour later. I've placed a biscuit in it so you can discern the depth of the bowl:

Now tomorrow we're going to deepen the bowl and then sand it smooth. Once that's completed, I'll wrap the bowl in several paper shopping bags and let it dry for about 2 weeks. Then I'll take it out and apply a finish to the surface. Michael will be home by then so he won't be able to complete the turn but he'll get to see how a bowl is turned and finished to completion. When he returns next spring during Spring Break, I'll have a project ready for him to do from beginning to end that he can take home and display to his friends and family.

Ok, have a good night and see you all tomorrow.


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