Monday, November 11, 2013

Oatmeal Bowl is finished, and it's colder than a well-digger's you know what here

Hi Everyone,

Well, the apprentice and I did not get to finish the bowl together. He has been ill and recovering from some surgery earlier this year and just recently got out of the hospital. He had been having some minor nose bleeds the past week and yesterday had a good sized nose bleed and had to visit the ER for treatment. I didn't want to take him into a cold, dusty environment and he's on his way home today so we couldn't finish the turn. But I did go down and finish the turn and he'll be able to see online how this went.

Here's the photos:

This is the bowl back on this lathe today and fortunately it hasn't distored. If you look closely you can see the extensive end grain tearing  and the whole thing needed to be hollowed out a lot more and that is what I did. I thinned the walls and then I sharpened by bowl gouge and turned the speed up to 900 rpm and very gently shaved the sides until they were smooth. Then I deepened and rounded out the bottom of the bowl:

This is the bowl after it's been shaved. It needed very little sanding. I've also refined the rim a little and removed some tearing along the rim's edge:

And here is the finished bowl. It's got lots of mineral staining and some spalting lines. The color is a buff color and so when I've applied the salad bowl varnish to it, it's going to be really pretty:

This is the bowl from the side:

Now, since this was unseasoned, it has to go in the drying bag for 2 weeks to dry out and stabilize. We'll come back to it then and take a look. If the wood fairies are kind to us, it will still be round and un-cracked and ready for varnishing.

So stay tuned for this one at the end of the month.

My next project is a bowl for my friend and colleague, John S.

See you later in the week.


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