Saturday, November 9, 2013

Oat Meal Bowl

Ok, I'm back.

The bowl I began has changed a little bit from what I had originally intended. This is going to become an oatmeal bowl for a cousin of mine in California. Here's the story:

I have a lovely cousin who is a retired educator in California and judging from her life and the lives of those folks around her, she was, and is, an exceptional person. And she's helped to support another cousin of ours who has been very ill this year. And since caregivers are always on the top of my list of super people, she gets a special bowl.

Now the oatmeal part of this addresses the fact that being a busy person, she eats, gasp, microwaved oatmeal. I can't think of anything worse than that. So she's getting the bowl, one of my hand carved  spoons, and a bag of steel cut oats for her birthday next month.

If you remember from yesterday, I split a linden tree branch and made a bowl blank out of a section of it that I band sawed off the branch:

And I began shaping it. I was going to make another porringer but given the size of the resulting blank, I decided to make her a simple wooden bowl, similar to bowls made in England several hundred years ago. This isn't a reproduction or replica per se, simply a bowl based on those earlier designs with some modern touches to make it easy to use and maintain:

 Here's today's production photos:

I've cut the bowl down more and created a rim and left a shorter foot so it doesn't sit so tall. That should make it easier to eat out of:

This what it looks like from the side. And you can get a better sense of the color of the wood.

This evening my nephew Michael and I are going to hollow it out and get it ready for drying and finishing in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned,


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