Monday, November 4, 2013

Scrap Wood Project: The Veggie and Dip Bowl, continued

Welcome Back Everyone,

To continue from yesterday: I've taken the bowl back down to the wood shop and I've deepened the two sections of the bowl so it will accommodate both the bowl in the center with veggies all around it.

Here are the photos:

This photo shows a side view of the bowl and if you look carefully you can see a little tear out in the end grain. I'm dealing with this by sharpening my roughing gouge and very gently shaving away the surface:

Here is the bowl after a couple of minutes-you can see how this is smoothing down the surface. It sure saves time on sanding!

Hollowing out the bowl was not difficult as it's well balanced and the wood is finely grained so it turned smoothly. I've fit the dip bowl to fit up to it's rim. You could use a bowl like this for nuts or other types of treats as well and it can be used with or without the dip bowl:

In this photo I've done a little preliminary sanding. I really like this bowl:

It's getting really cold outside and my hands are freezing up and I still have one more project to do, I'm going to stop and come back tomorrow and finish sanding it.


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