Saturday, November 2, 2013

Scrap wood project for a November afternoon - small dried flower vase

Hi Everyone,

Here is another scrap wood project:

After the handle project, I decided to do one more scrap wood project. Earlier this summer I harvested several large portions of pine from a tree that fell down during a storm in June and I've worked several of the pieces. I had a medium sized chunk left over and I've been doing some practice pieces. The first one had a large tear in the surface of the wood and I left it in place and turned a dried flower vase from that (sorry, I don't have a photo for this one). The second, small piece was intact and I turned a similar vase from this.

Here are the photos:

I have a lot more pine that I'm going to use for bowls but the occasional odd chunk I will probably turn into vases.

I've just gotten to laminating that big block for the veggie platter and we'll see if it's dried enough to turn tomorrow. If not, I'll do it on Monday.

Stay tuned,


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