Sunday, November 3, 2013

Scrap Wood Project-Veggie and Dip Bowl

Hi Everyone,

Well, the block that I made yesterday is dry and solid so let's turn it into a bowl!

Here's the photos:

Here is the block, dried and with the clamps off. I've located the center, drawn a circle. Let's go and cut it out on the bandsaw:

This is the blank on the lathe. You can see how uneven and gluey it is. I love turning laminated blocks as you go from rough mess to finished bowl and you really never know what it all is going to look like until you're done:

Here is the underside of the bowl after all the rough glued surface has been cut away:

The underside of the bowl is going to have a broad, flat foot. Here I've marked out the foot and the center mortise:

In this photo you can see how the edges and the foot have been trued up and flattened:

And here is the underside. I'm done cutting this part of the bowl. Next, I'll sand it smooth:

The sides of the bowl are going to be gently curved. I want to keep the bowl as close to it's original shape so as to preserve as much of the interior volume as I can. Here you can see the sides rough and in need of shaping:

I drew a line down the center of the side and I'm going to cut to arcs that will meet in the middle. One arc will start on the right edge and curve towards the middle and the other will begin at the left hand edge:

And here we are with the exterior wall of the bowl shaped and smoothed. Time to flip the bowl over and begin hollowing it out:

The bowl will have two sections: a center section that will hold a small bowl for dip and a larger section that will hold cut veggies. Here I've smooth off the top of the blank:

In this photo I've marked off the waste areas-these are the areas that will be removed:

I did a little hollowing of the bowl and then I stopped as it's getting cold and windy outside. Here is the bowl partially hollowed out. When I'm done the center will be deep enough to hold a dip bowl and there will be enough room for cut veggies:

Tomorrow I'll finish hollowing it and sand it smooth and we'll talk about finishes.


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