Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Scrap Wood Project-Pine Veggie and Dip Bowl-Finish photos

Welcome Back All,

Well, as its a little warmer now than it was this morning I decided to go back down to the shop and finish the veggie and dip bowl.

Let's look at the photos:

I've been looking at the bowl for several days and I decided it would look better and hold more food if it were hollowed out a little more so that's what I did. I deepened it by 3/4" and I also beveled the rims  This photo shows it mounted on the lathe before hollowing:

The next three photos show the bowl after it was hollowed out more and sanded. I sanded to 320 grit and polished it with pine shavings. This photo shows the end grain on the side of the bowl:

This is a photo of it looking down on it:

And this is it from the side:

Here are photos of the bowl with a coat of General Finishes salad bowl varnish:

As it's too cold for the varnish to dry today, I'll take it inside and let it dry over night and tomorrow and for the next several days I'll give it a very thin coat of varnish. Afterwards I'll polish it. Look for the final finish photos on Sunday.


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