Thursday, March 28, 2013

Three Sisters Project-Done!

Hi Everyone,

Well the Three Sisters Project is finished and here are the final project photos:

The Walnut Plate

The White Ash Plate

And the Cumaru Plate

I'm going to pack these up and mail them off tomorrow. I hope the Three Sisters enjoy them and find some meaning in them.


Ok. I have to clean up the shop and get ready for the tea box project so I'll be doing another posting about that in a day or so.  As it's Easter Weekend here in the US, I won't do any wood turning until next week.

Have a great weekend-see you soon,



  1. Love these plates, especially the walnut plate! And the colours are just amazing! :)

  2. Hi Saaara,
    You know, I didn't like the walnut plate initially. Once I removed the inner rim and sanded and finished it,it became my favorite too.
    Women make great wood workers!