Friday, March 15, 2013

Spoon carving weather

Hi Everyone,

I got a good night's sleep last night and this morning I was able to stand up on my own for a while so I thought I'd go down to the wood shop and see if it's all still there-and I'm happy to report that it is. So I'm going to just work on the handle of the spoon a little and stop at that.

The weather was warming up in the middle of the week but this morning when I woke up it was cold and misty. By the time I got down to the shop we had freezing rain:

And after a few minutes of that it all turned to snow so winter is still with us.

Here is a photo of the spoon to begin with. The handle is wide and squarish in shape and the edges are sharp, all of which make for an uncomfortable kitchen spoon. I'm going to contour the handle a bit by thinning it down and narrowing it:

Here is a finish photo of the handle:

A closeup of the handle:

 The handle could use more thinning down and more narrowing-not much, just a little to give it a little bit of a spring when it's used and to improve the line of it.

And here is the bowl. I'm going to hollow the bowl out and keep this spoon as my official pancake batter spoon so ultimately it will serve as kind of a ladle as well as a serving spoon.

Well, I'm absolutely exhausted so I'll stop here.


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