Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Three Sisters Project and the next project

Hi Everyone,

The Three Sisters project plates are almost done and they came out very well. Here is a group photo:

These will be done this weekend and then mailed out.


Time to start thinking about our next project and I'd like to make a tea box. Tea boxes are a special item that I've made to thank friends and family who have been kind and supportive of me during the recession and beyond. I never sell them and they hold a lot of meaning for me and for the person who receives one. There are several people who deserve one and I'm going to begin making them and you can follow along.

A tea box consists of a round box about 5 1/2" in diameter x 3" high with a lid that has a small knob on top. I have made a number of them now and I'm thinking of changing the design a little. I'm a big fan of Japanese woodturner Yasushi Kawaguchi's YouTube videos. He only has two videos but they are very well done and very instructive. He makes a small tea box in one of them and you can see his method here at: http://www.youtube.com/user/yasushikawaguchi.

The box in the video is quite small, much smaller than my tea boxes. I'd like to make a tea box using the same method he uses but with a larger turning block. I have several blocks in stock right now-a solid block of silky oak from Turning Blanks 4U, a solid pine block from Forrest Wood Products, and a couple of calico blocks from Green Valley Wood Products and I have a lot of hickory and several other woods in my own stock that I can laminate together.  I'm not sure which I'll use for this. Maybe I'll use them all.

Ok, I need to clean up the shop and I'll see you again this weekend.

Thanks for stopping by,

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