Saturday, March 9, 2013

The big wooden spoon, continued

After I finished the bowl session today I took out the spoon and took a long look at it and did a little carving and discovered that my carving tools probably wouldn't cut soft butter so it's time to stop and sharpen everything up. Here's some photos:

Here is the spoon blank from last night. Note that it's squarish in shape. I like my spoons to be more rounded so I'm going to shape the bowl a little bit:

I have a gouge that I very much like using for the exterior surfaces of spoons and other things and here is a photo of it. Poor thing is as dull as a tool can get and still be considered a tool:

I also have a small draw knife that I'm partial too. Same dulled edge...gee I wonder who owns these tools...?

 Here is the bowl after several fruitless minutes trying to shape it. I might have done better had a bitten off the corners with my teeth:

I have a number of carving tools that have curved cutting surfaces that can't be sharpened on a grinding wheel or a flat sharpening stone. A wood carver in England named Sean Hellman has a really good video on sharpening a hook knife, which I have. The video shows a very simple method for sharpening  and I'm going to post a link to his blog so you can see it too:

Ok, I'm going to sharpen everything tomorrow and continue on with the spoon. Thanks for dropping by and I'll see you soon.


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