Friday, March 8, 2013

More on wooden spoons

Good Evening all,

I've long been an admirer of Robin Wood, the pole turner from the UK. And I also like his spoons and I've been wanting to try and make one using an ax and a carving knife like he does in his videos on YouTube.

I have a stack of dried white oak firewood in my shop and I decided since I now have the Mora knife, today is the day to make a spoon just like he does:

I don't have a carving axe but I do have a roofing axe which is hollow ground and I thought might work for this. So I cranked up the bench grinder, gave it a very sharp edge, grabbed the wood and walked over to my wood block and gave it a good hard whack with the axe. I didn't cut myself but I also didn't make a dent in the wood. I hit it again and nothing happened. Again and nothing happened. After about 10 minutes of whacking away all I had was a small pile of chips to show for it. So I grabbed the wood and cut out a spoon blank on my bandsaw. I guess I'm just not a hand axe kind of girl.

Here is the blank I produced:

Looks kind of similar to the blank Robin produces with a hand axe.

It's getting cold right now so I've quit for the day. I'll start carving on it over the next week or so and you can follow along and see if I get close to the type of spoon he produces.

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