Friday, March 29, 2013

Scrap wood ideas-small square box with a turned lid

Good Evening Everyone,

Well, I was very busy all day today and I decided since I had been a good girl, the wood fairies should reward me with an hour in the work shop.

I generate a lot of small scrap like most wood workers do and I'm really ruthless about getting rid of them and keeping the shop uncluttered. But it does pay to keep small blocks of wood-they make knobs and other small things that you don't want to cut up a larger piece of lumber for.

I bought a large glued up pine block a while back and I cut it into smaller blocks (you'll see one of them tomorrow when I write about the tea box).  I bought some small earrings recently and I needed a small box to keep them in and so I took two of the smaller pine blocks and put them to work.

Here we go:

I decided to make a small square box for my earrings. It's a fast short term project that is easy to make:

I took the larger of the two blocks and sanded the sides smooth and then I drilled a 2 1/4" diameter hole into the center of it with a Forstner bit and that finished the box portion. Then I took the other block and drilled a 1"diameter hole into it and used the hole to put it on the lathe. I cut a small tenon on it that is the same diameter as the hole in the block so the two fit together:

Then I shaped the outside of the top to smooth it and to create a small knob. Total turning time was about 30 minutes from beginning to end:

The box needs to be sanded very smoothed and then finished. This is a neat project if you need to make a small gift for someone or if you want to use it as a gift box to give to someone with a present inside.

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  1. I make candles by repurposing damaged candles and candle remnants. In the spirit of repurposing materials and minimizing environmental impact, I use glass spaghetti sauce jars, jelly jars, salsa, etc. etc. Since the lids that come with these food products generally rust when being cleaned, I would like to replace these lids with wood lids. I have scoured the internet for months and cannot find wood lids in various sizes.

    I noticed that you had made round lids for some handmade containers and was hoping you might be able to provide this type of product.

    Thank you for your time and consideration!
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