Monday, March 25, 2013

The Three Sisters Project-Walnut Platter

Hi Everyone,

Well, I've worked hard all day and so I decided to reward myself with some shop time (it's better than eating junk food you must admit!). The walnut plate needed to have it's finish sanding done and that's what I did. Here are the photos:

Here we are at the beginning. I did some preliminary sanding on it yesterday but it still needs more sanding to get it where we need it to go:

This is the final sanding photograph. I've sanded it from 100 to 400 grit and then polished it with 0000 steel wool. This final step shaves off any fuzziness on the surface and also makes the surface very, very smooth:

Time to go upstairs and oil this baby and here are the results. The figure in the wood shows up very well. I've also put linseed oil on this as well:

Walnut and oil finishes seem meant for each other. When Mother Nature invented trees and wood she also probably came up with the idea of oil at the same time.

Ok, I'm going to re-oil the other two plates with a thin coat of oil tomorrow and the walnut plate will receive an additional coat of oil on Wednesday. I'll let them dry until this weekend and then it will be time to send them off.

More later,


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