Monday, November 7, 2011

Tea Box-Part 2

Back again-

Time to cut out the lid. Here are several photos showing the lid being shaped:

The lid is made from two pieces of white oak. I like oak but it's a coarse-grained wood and it doesn't hold fine detail well. The color is interesting and it's hard and durable so I'll probably be using it again in the future.

I turned the lid and the box together one last time and here is what we have at this point:

It needs a considerable amount of sanding and I'm not sure it I like that section in the lower half of the box.  I'll have to cogitate on that. But the box is nice and it will hold a lot of chocolate or whatever my friend choses to put inside.

Our next box is made out of the same materials except the lid is made from white oak with a Brazilian cherry knob on top. The box will also be shaped differently so I'll post photos of that box.

Our next thing to do is to glue the red birch box pieces together in order to make a turning block. I'm going upstairs for a bit and have some lunch and some hot coffee and I'll be back later today with more photos.


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