Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cold, snowy day in the wood shop and a better day all around...

Hi All,
Well, it's snowing!! Yea!! I love snow. I love big pine trees that get covered with snow. And I love the fact that this is the official end of allergy season for me.

I went down to the wood shop today and after looking at the pancake and the hand grenade from yesterday, decided to give them both another go before I discard them. The pancake first- the pancake was far too thick and it didn't fit the bottom well. And the knob on top wasn't well defined so I re-turned it and this is what it looks like now:

I'm still not really crazy about the entire project and I can't quite put my finger on exactly why. I'm going to finish it (see below) but I'm not sure if I'll pass it along. More later on this.

Next, I took the hand grenade and re-turned the body and cut down and re-shaped the knob on top. Here is what it looks like right now:

It looks better but the top still doesn't fit correctly and the knob looks stupid. I'm going to work on this some more and probably make a new lid and knob. More later about this.

One project that does look nice and got finished today is the red birch tea box. Here are some photos of the box with a heavy coat of oil:

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