Sunday, November 6, 2011

Band saw back online and snow is due this week!

Hi Everyone,

Well, the new blade is back on the bandsaw and we've cleaned and lubricated all the moving parts and that critter is good to go so I cut up a whole pile of lumber that was beginning to stack up.

I've got several tea boxes in the works right now-all of them are laminated blocks of different types of scrap lumber. They are all about 3 inches deep and six inches in diameter although I may cut them down just a little from those dimensions. All are out of wood that have been kiln dried and the scent in all of them is mostly absent and that's important for a closed container.

I've brought them all inside to dry as it's getting too cold for glue to dry now.

I'm going to work on one of them early tomorrow morning and I'll post photos afterwards.

It's supposed to snow this Wednesday!


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