Friday, November 11, 2011

First two tea boxes are done-photos

Hi Everyone,
Well, it is continuing to cool down in the TC and today I worked with the door of my shop closed-burrr!

I took both the first and second tea boxes down stairs and finished sanding them and then gave them a heavy coat of oil. Here are the photos:

These boxes are made out of different species of wood: white oak, Brazilian cherry, walnut, ambrosia maple, and red birch. This is a good way to use up small pieces of wood and create something nice and useful in a kitchen setting.

The last box in this series will be the red birch-Brazilian cherry box which I am going to finally get to gluing up momentarily. This box will be slightly larger than the first two and it's going to go to a wonderful friend who is addicted to Starbucks coffee. So instead of a tea box, she gets a coffee box for her favorite brew.

I'll be right back.


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