Friday, November 25, 2011

Day after Thanksgiving...

Hi Everyone,
Well, not everyone goes shopping on Black Friday--some of us have work to do!

I just finished a large shallow fruit bowl for my mother in law (she's not online so she won't know about this) out of a large laminated block and here is a photo of the inside of it with a heavy coat of oil:

This is a large diameter platter-12"x2". It was so large it almost didn't fit on the lathe. Tomorrow I'll flip it over and take more photos of the underside as there are some details you should see.

In a minute or two (after Thanksgiving leftovers for lunch) I'm going to go down stairs and try and make some small tea boxes with a matching lid. I'll get photos and post them later this afternoon.

I hope everyone had a nice day yesterday.

More later,

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