Friday, November 11, 2011

The red birch tea box

I'm back.

I've just finished gluing the red birch box up and I've got some photos:

This is another laminated box made out of a short section of a red birch board.  Here is a photo of the unglued layers along with the lid made out of Brazilian cherry.  The last layer will be the foot of the box and it's also made from Brazilian cherry, and it will be glued on separately later today.

This next photo shows the layers being glued up. I've inserted a pin in the center of each layer so I could line up the layers and keep them that way while I'm clamping the layers together.

The next photo looks like some medieval torture device. These are the clamps that compress the layers while the glue dries. I think the layers of wood are crying, "Let us out of here!! This hurts!!"

Lastly, here is a photo of the bottom layer. This will be glued on separately because it has a smaller diameter than the larger red birch layers. I will have to move the clamps inward on the block and right next to the outer edge of the red block to ensure that the red layer is glued on properly and so that will happen later today.

More later.


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