Saturday, November 12, 2011

Completed tea boxes and salsa bowl-final photos and honey locust box next

Hi Everyone,
Well, I've finished oiling the tea boxes and the salsa bowl and took them downstairs and gave them a beeswax polish. They all came out really well:

The tea boxes will begin going to their respective homes this week and the salsa bowl was just given to my youngest son who is planning on a gourmet salsa fest shortly.

The last two pictures involve the honey locust bowl which is going to be turned into a box for coffee. The bottom is finished and I still have to go upstairs and make the top. Here are the photos:

Even though it was unseasoned wood, it has dried out very well with little distortion. This will make a lovely Christmas gift.

I'm going to go and finish gluing up the red birch box and make the lid for the honey locust box. 

More later,

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