Wednesday, July 22, 2015

2x4, 2x6 bicycle rack

Hi Everyone,

Well, here's the last project for the day-a bicycle rack for our bicycles. We have three bikes here and we need a rack to keep them upright so I decided to build a single rack for them. As I plan to keep them in the house, and I don't have a ton of room for them, I decided to make 3 small, single racks instead of one large one. That makes storing them a little bit easier.

So here we go. Starring my old Schwinn bike.

This project used two 2x4s 72" long and two 2x6s 72" long and it made 3 racks. If you only need one rack, adjust your materials accordingly.

First I cut up the 2x4s into 24" long sections:

And I placed them in front and in back of the front tire which is 25" in diameter:

Next I cut the 2x6s into 21" lengths:

I cut off a 2 1/2" corner on both ends of each 2x6:

And cut a  1 1/2" notch on each end too. This will keep  the rack from scissoring when it's moved around:

And this is what the cross pieces look like:

Next I dry fitted the cross pieces onto the 2x4s. The tire should fit snugly:

Next I drilled a 1/2" hole in each end about 1" deep to accommodate the wood screws. I used 2" screws because those are the longest I have at the moment but you could use longer screws and skip this step:

Then I checked everything  and made sure it was square and screwed the cross pieces in place:

And that's it. The bike is standing up right without the kick stand engaged:

The total price for 3 racks came to $12.

As I have a really sore thumb from this mornings accident, I'm going to stop working for the day.

I think the next project will be another salad bowl and another cat perch for the Ginger Majesties. Stay tuned!


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