Monday, August 3, 2015

Turning a Pet Urn-types of wood and other considerations

Good Morning All,

I just got word this morning that a good friend of mine has lost a pet to diabetes and I'm going to turn a pet urn for her for her cat's ashes.

This posting is directed at her to help her select wood for this and to point out some of the steps involved.

Dear Ineke,

I'm deeply saddened to hear of your loss. I hope an urn will help you in your grieving for your cat.

I have the following pieces of dried wood in my shop that would be appropriate for an urn:

This first piece is a section of a black walnut tree. This wood will eventually have a deep, chocolate brown color:

This block is a piece of black ash wood. It would have a deep gold color with black lines in it:

Next, this long rectangular piece is red oak. This wood has a pink color:

This is basswood which has a cream color. I made a music box out of this several years ago:

This is a branch from a norwegian maple. This would make a small, tall box:

And this is a section of a pine tree. This will eventually have a deep yellow color with some blue staining in it:

And I can make a laminated block as well. In fact I can make just about anything you would like in any combination of colors or wood types.

Let me know when you are ready.

Best and Love Always,

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  1. Thank you for making this thoughtful gift for Ineke, Vickie.