Monday, August 10, 2015

The Pet Urn continued-closing the top of the urn

Hi Again,

Well I've had some lunch and I'm back in the shop. I've finished the body of the urn and now it's time to close the top of it.

Here is the urn at present. It has a 3" diameter opening that I'm going to turn a plug for in order to close the urn:

I've used a piece of a walnut board that was given to me by some friends here in town who are also devoted animal owners. I think they'll be pleased to know that this wood was used for this urn. Here in the photo is a 3"+ diameter wooden blank with a 1" diameter hole drilled into the face for mounting on the chuck. Those of you who are long time SWW blog followers have seen me do this lots of times:

Here is the blank with the face of it turned to fit inside and on top of the urn body:

Here are the two pieces together before gluing:

And here it is glued and clamped. I used Weldbond for this as I don't want a type of glue that will expand in volume and possibly re-crack the body of the urn. I'm going to leave this over night and work on it more tomorrow:

 Tomorrow I'm going to do 2 things: turn the top of the urn so that the top and sides blend together and also create an opening for the female plumbing fixture on the left to be inserted into the top of the body. At that point the urn body will be complete. After that I'll make the lid.


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