Sunday, August 16, 2015

Wedding Quaichs, finish photos

Hi Everyone,

Well, I have a detail or two to share with you and some photos about the last 2 quaichs I've made. Take a look:

I drilled a 1" diameter hole into the bottom of each quaich to provide an attachment point for the Nova chuck jaws and now I'm going to remove that so as to give the quaichs a more polished and finished look. To do this I'm going to turn the quaich upside down and place it in a set of Cole jaws. These fit into the Nova chuck and will allow me to clamp the cup into this fixture for turning:

The jaw set consists of a sectioned metal plate that is drilled to accept heavy duty metal screws. The screws have a rubber bumper so as not to mar the surface of the cup:

And here it is on the lathe, ready for turning:

All I did was use a narrow gouge and gently shaved away the sides of the hole. This looks nicer and it gives me room to write the names of the couple getting married, in this case my oldest son and his fiance:

Here it is with a little polyurethane:

And here are the photos:

Congratulations to all concerned!

What's next?

Next week I'm going to take the bischofia wood bowl out of the dry box and take a look at that and I also have the lid for the urn to finish so we have more to do in the wood shop! So grab some coffee and drop by-there's always something going on at Selkie Wood Works. See you all soon!


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