Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Wedding season and making a quaich

Hi Everyone,

Life has been in a real uproar lately and to make several long stories short, I have a series of weddings coming up. I am going to make several serving size bowls as presents and I've decided to make a wedding quaich for one of the couples.

A quaich is a small wooden cup with handles that are used for commemorative gifts and for toasting at special occasions such as a wedding. I have a small block of bishofia wood that would work perfectly for this.

Here are two photos:

This is small enough to fit into my hand and it probably has close to an 8 fluid ounce capacity at this point. I've placed it in a paper bag with a bunch of dried shavings for it to dry for the next week. I'll check it next week and probably turn it a little bit small than it is right now. So stay tuned for that.


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