Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Wedding Bowls-the bischofia wood bowl continued

Hi Everyone,

Well, it's perfect wood turning weather today so it's back down to the wood shop. Here are some photos and an explanation of where we are now and what my next move is:

I took the bowl out of the plastic bag and remounted it on the lathe and slowly turned it and it's still round in shape nor is it cracked or distorted in any way. I turned a large diameter tenon on the foot of the bowl and placed the Nova chuck in it and turned the whole thing over. Time to hollow it out:

And yes this wood is wet! You can see how the wood was coming off the blank in streamers. I had enough wood at the end to stuff a mattress:

If you look closely at the center you can see some tree sap that is blood red:

I hollowed it out more-look at the figure in that wood:

Wood shavings anyone?

Since the wood is wet, the entire bowl needs to do some drying out. I like to dry bowls slowly and to do that I leave the walls and the bottom of bowls about 1 1/4" thick. This lets the bowl dry without too much distortion and hopefully it won't crack:

And here is the bowl off the lathe. It's roughly turned and it's going in a drying bag with a lot of dried out wood shavings so it can dry slowly. I'll come back to it in about 3 weeks time and turn it more.

Stay tuned,

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