Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Wedding Bowls

Hi I'm back,

Well, I've begun the first of several bowls for some of the weddings that are coming up. The large red block is bishofia, the brown block is walnut and the small piece is Norwegian maple.

The first is a small walnut bowl out of a small block of dried walnut I got last week for $10:

Here is the walnut bowl being turned-it looks like a chocolate cheesecake! It's a nice blank and it's turning very well with minimal tearing:

Here it is about an hour later:

I usually like to put a substantial foot on bowls but for this one, I think a thinner foot will be all that is necessary. I like how it seems to "float" on the surfaces of wooden tables. It's makes the bowl more distinctive looking.

Anyway, it's getting dark right now so I'm going to stop turning and go back and finish the turn tomorrow. See you then,


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