Thursday, July 9, 2015

Wedding Bowls-the walnut bowl completed

Ok, I'm back again,

While the bischofia wood bowl is drying, it's time to return to the walnut bowl and complete it. I'm satisfied with the shape and the thickness of the wood so it's time to sand it smooth and apply the finish. Here are the photos:

I hand sanded it with 80-400 grit paper and got it really smooth and then polished the surface with walnut shavings. That really makes the surface shiny and ready for a finish. In this case I used Tried and True Varnish Oil  on the wood. There is something about an oil finish on walnut that just can't be replicated with varnishes or other types of finishes. It really gives the wood a warm glow. And as for the knot from yesterday, it's filled with glue and sawdust and isn't very visible:

It's sitting inside right now still attached to the Nova chuck. In a minute I'm going to go back down to the shop and turn a small quaich from a tree branch for some friends who's daughter is getting married in September. Stay tuned for that one next.


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